API Reference

The goal of F2 is to define a development standard for the financial services industry that offers a cost saving, risk-reducing method for building innovative, multi-provider solutions. F2 is open, free and active on GitHub.

Getting Started

To instantly F2-enable your solution, download and include F2.js on your web pages. It's only 7.6kb and works with jQuery, Angular, Dojo, ExtJS and other toolkits. You can use any backend you'd like; .NET, Java, Node.js, PHP and more are all supported.

Latest Version

The latest version of F2 is 1.4.5. Previous versions are available on GitHub.

Download version 1.4.5


There are a few different types of examples available below.


Visit for a live demo of production-grade Apps in a basic Container.


A variety of example Containers and Apps to download and run on your localhost. Most are "plain" javascript, others are written in .NET, PHP and Node.js. The examples source code is also on GitHub.


Review a collection of fiddles on


Review a collection of pens on

iOS Demo App

An iOS app demonstrating F2 App integration using UIWebViews, a javascript bridge for F2 Context, and a native search control.